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I have always been intrigued by mountains and enjoy hiking and seeing backcountry areas. In the past, I have been opportunistic about climbing what I can, but would like to be more deliberate about climbing some of the more interesting peaks around the United States and elsewhere. Join the Ken Heap climbing club and come with me on one of my treks!

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Long's Peak Loft Route

I climbed Long's Peak in the summer of 2006. Since the Keyhole Route is a heavily travelled route, I chose to climb the Loft Route, which is not as well-marked, and more difficult, but there is much less traffic to contend with. I have posted some links that together give plenty of information to successfully navigate the Loft Route:
  • Longs Peak Loft Route Description
  • Description 2
  • Loft Route Picture
  • Loft Route Topo
  • Long's Peak Topo

  • Hiking

    I enjoy hiking, but have recently focused my energies on mountain climbing. There aren't a lot of hiking options around Dallas, but I am trying to do some short weekend trips. Hiking and camping is also a fun way to spend some time with my son. Hopefully, he can join me in climbing mountains soon.
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